UPDATE : Finders Keepers – 2018/2019

The annual glass float tradition continues.   UPDATE:   The Finders Keepers event is NOW A YEAR ROUND EVENT.   You can find floats any time you visit  Lincoln City… This year starting in mid October and continuing until Memorial Day you will have the opportunity to once again Find and Keep these absolutely stunning pieces of art glass created by local glass artists.  Also pay special note that during holidays the float fairies will perform extra drops including some art glass pieces like starfish or sand dollars.

Floats and other art glass are found ABOVE the tide line and below beach embankments along the 7 1/2 miles of public beach from Roads End, down to the Siletz bay.  They do not “bury” them but they are sometimes cleverly hidden in the grasses and in the driftwood.   Floats are also NOT placed during storms.

We’d love you to plan a family holiday to Lincoln City for some float hunting.  Perhaps you can start a new family tradition.  Pacific View Lodging offers great accommodations and we currently have many dates available for fall and early winter bookings.


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