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UPDATE : Finders Keepers – 2018/2019

The annual glass float tradition continues.   UPDATE:   The Finders Keepers event is NOW A YEAR ROUND EVENT.   You can find floats any time you visit  Lincoln City… This year starting in mid October and continuing until Memorial Day you will have the opportunity to once again Find and Keep these absolutely stunning pieces of art […]

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Whale Inn – Room Updates Complete

We have completed the room updates for the Depoe Bay property. Each of the rooms have received an update to the furnishings to now include residential grade beds and chairs. We have also put in kitchenettes complete with cabinetry, sinks, fridges and microwaves. We have also added an outside space. The gazebo area allows for […]

Current Weather and Tide Information

This blog post is always updated with the latest tide and weather information.  You can use the pulldown at the top to select the appropriate location. https://www.willyweather.com/or/tillamook-county/netarts-bay-entrance.html

New Weather Satellite

This is an interesting piece of information that I thought I would share with you all.   The government has a new weather satellite that is going to provide much better views of the Pacific and its developing weather patters.   It should be able to provide real-time color images of the west coast and the entire […]

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Drift Creek Falls

Did you know that just a short distance from Lincoln City you can find a 240′ suspension bridge and a 75′ waterfall all on the same 3 mile hike?

Join the Fun – Explore Nature

If you understand a place, you have a much better appreciation for it… This is the desired result of Explore Nature organization.   Through a collaboration of many nature based organizations Explore Nature offers some of the most unique experiences on the coast that help you “connect” with it’s natural uniqueness. Some of the experiences shared […]

Storm Watching…

The Oregon Coast in the winter offers a different vacation experience than summer.   Winter is a time that we find our guests wanting to retreat and relax… some come just to get away from the hustle and bustle… some come because there are fewer crowds and less traffic… some come to write or paint… and […]

Photography Contest

When I am on the Oregon Coast I just can’t help but snap a picture of some of the incredible things that we find.  Just recently I found myself up at the Cape Meares Lighthouse and couldn’t help but snap a couple of pictures of the incredible landscape and the lighthouse. Each year Coast Weekend […]

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Drift Creek Falls

Did you know that just a short distance from Lincoln City you can find a 240′ suspension bridge and a 75′ waterfall all on the same 3 mile hike?

Top 8 Selfie Spots – Lincoln City

I saw this posting come across the Twitter feed and thought I would repost for your enjoyment. The 8 spots? 1. Siletz Bay 2. The Knoll 3. Regatta Park 4. D River Wayside 5. Drift Creek Falls 6. Cascade Head 7. Connie Hansen Garden 8. Baby T-Rex If you would like to know more… take […]

Oregon Coast – A Winter Odyssey

We absolutely LOVE the Oregon Coast in the Winter.   I remember the first time that I saw the video below and could hardly wait to visit Shore Acres where the opening scene was shot.  The Pacific has some incredibly powerful storms in the winter and all along the 363 miles of coastline there are many […]